Meet the Task Force

Meet the Task Force

Meet the Task Force

Carl Williams

Carl Williams self-deployed to Japan from Texas only days following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Once on the ground his rapid assessments of the disaster lead to him representing hundreds of donors and providing aid to thousands of survivors. Carl was instrumental in establishing over 250 lifesaving projects and programs throughout the disaster zone including Fukushima. He advised responding NGO and NPO operations and established meaningful connections with local community leaders and governments. Carl ensured that every plan was designed with an exit strategy to leave a local clone of any outside NGO deployment. Carl continues to support Tohoku as the Director of Tokyo Task Force and Gold Medal Kids. Software engineer and IT business continuity expert with IBM from 1997-2012. Project lead for first IBM software application to achieve Capability Maturity Model Integration for Systems Engineering SEI Level 5. Through optimized processes, agile and innovative designs, Williams empowered his build and development teams to align strongly with IBM business values and objectives resulting in cycles of continual improvement. 1975 to 1997, served his country in the US Air Force, overseeing operations of Security Forces and Law Enforcement operations worldwide.

He protected people, property and resources of the U.S. Air Force and was given several special assignments of securing high-level persons including US presidents. His job required extensive training and knowledge of law and combat tactics since his assignments were stateside and overseas. Although his Air Force career was already physically and mentally demanding, he took outside responsibilities of learning to develop software for police application and creating hardware for security measures. Certified as Air Transportation specialists - aircraft loadmaster, Command Post specialists and worked often alongside base Wing Commanders during contingency operations. Throughout his Air Force career, Williams had a passionate involvement in Emergency Management and developed plans and procedures to maintain air operations no matter the issue. Commanded responses to major disasters with hundreds of lives at risk and recovery for lives lost. Received special duty assignment as First Sergeant to a 500 person police squadron. Principal enlisted member to commander on all issues related to enlisted force and general supervisor over all assigned enlisted personnel. Williams advised the commander on a wide range of topics including the health, esprit de crops, discipline, mentoring, well being, career progression, professional development, and recognition of all assigned enlisted members.

Michael Sugiura Rofe

Michael Rofe was educated in England and read Broadcast Engineering with the BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation prior to joining Sony Broadcast in Europe in the early eighties.

Having played a key part in Sony’s early rapid success in the European Broadcast arena, he moved to Dubai in 1984 to start Sony Broadcast Dubai as the first Gulf Region Broadcast Camera Engineer, dedicated to the nascent ENG Broadcast News Camera market in the Middle East. His extensive Travels in the Middle East as a young Broadcast News Camera Engineer and subsequent earned affinity for the region would draw him back nearly 20 years later.

After ten years working in Broadcast in both Europe and the Middle East he moved to Japan in 1991 this was prompted by marriage to a Japanese national on his return to England from Dubai.

A planned two year stint in Japan saw him actually become a permanent resident of Japan returning to work in Dubai in 2007 as Architect Broadcast Solutions with du Broadcast Services after a full 16 years in Japan and further Broadcast News experience with Reuters, DTH with DirecTV, Business model creation and execution with General Motors & Full Service Studio and Playout Facility, design, build and Operation as Chief Engineer for Technicolor for Disney in Tokyo.

Mr. Rofe has gained unique and extensive C Level / Executive level Programme, Project and Broadcast System Engineering Management skills over the course of his 34 year career in Broadcast News, DTH, Sports, Kids Television and Corporate IT project environments.

His expertise in Management of multiple local and International vendors in the project life cycle came to the fore, over the last 20 years; with his successful execution of the launch of Disney Channel for Technicolor and previously in 2002 the FIFA World Cup project in Japan for HBS the FIFA designated International Host Broadcaster as Japan Project Manager Broadcast and Telecom.

As a Broadcast industry Architect and subject matter expert he was active within du Broadcast Services, promoting and selling a range of satellite services to GCC regional and global Broadcast clients, playing a key role in creating the future value added services that du Broadcast Services now intends to offer this was also a large part of the remit.

Having left du at the end of 2009 Mr. Rofe took on the role of shareholding Director and CTO for Sydney based Tv2Go a startup in the OTT Streaming Media space that mapped out a strategic new Steaming Architecture for future UHD deployments Ultra High Definiition TV 8K and 4K, yet did not achieve its second stage funding target.

Having run Rofe Associates Inc a Broadcast Consultancy as CEO in parallel to his main roles for over 18 years, Mr. Rofe has been fortunate to be invited to consult on some of the largest new Broadcast Projects in Japan and he has extensive industry domain knowledge of UHD - Ultra High Definiition TV 8K and 4K Technologies and the ecosystem developing both in Japan and Internationally to roll out these new Television Broadcast formats. Applications to Live Sports in particular intrigue him.

Equally at home in the Boardroom or the Central Apparatus Room, The Studio or The Field Mr. Rofe drives all his teams with an empathy that comes from having been there and a clear cut vision of what is possible, tempered with a keen eye for harmony and empowerment from within and across all his teams.

Television should be creative, inspiring and fun is his rallying call. Television is a powerful tool for change and has clearly changed a great deal during Mr. Rofes career. Taking a team forward, managing change to achieve something real and tangible in the most efficient manner possible drives him, as does the strong belief that Television has and can still change the world, and certainly the world we will live in tomorrow for the better.

Mind over matter. the Engineering, can clearly help effect Minds over matters in this exciting powerful realm of moving images that we call Television.”

Mr. Rofe is a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and the Royal Television Society. He lives near Tokyo, Japan with his wife and their three bilingual children. Digital Art, Writing, Languages, Music, Sports and the Study of Diverse Cultures are among his key personal interests.

He is the Chairman of the iCTVBA - International Cloud TV Broadcasters Alliance a nascent global industry group with over 850 members studying the UHD Ultra High Definiition TV 8K and 4K road map of Cloud TV and the InterCloud for all Broadcasters.

He is also the Chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Task Force Group with over 6000 members avidly vying to assist Tokyo in their huge upcoming responsibility for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in all its functional domains.


Andrew Grimes

Originally from England Andrew has lived and worked in Japan for thirty-two years and is a board licensed Clinical Psychologist in Tokyo and Japan and also a qualified JFP Psychotherapist. As CEO of Tokyo Counseling Services he and his team created a charity called APRICOT in 2012 to elicit donations to provide professional mental health care for the children and their families who are the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor Meltdowns on 11th March 2011. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government officially granted this charity NPO status on 24th October, 2014 with a mandate to raise donations for and to act as a conduit to fund other mental health care NPOs in the Tohoku (East Japan) Region and nationally wherever disasters strike in Japan.

Mission Statement: APRICOT is the Alliance for Psychotherapy Relief Initiative for the Children of Trauma. APRICOT's mission is set in our hearts and minds: that we will together volunteer and work to protect the children’s mental health and promote and support the work of our colleagues in other NPOs the healthy emotional and psychological development of the children of the Tohoku Region now and over the years to come, that is until all of them can enjoy their Coming of Age Days, when they will become young adults, healthy and happy. Through APRICOT NPO, and by collaborating with Tokyo Task Force, we hope to achieve greater awareness of the needs of the children of disasters and provide help for those who are suffering or are at risk of developing mental illness.

Johnny Pawlik

I'm a very experienced marketing strategist and international agency director, with over 17 years experience in online marketing. I have been a guest on Good Morning Britain, the BBC Political Debates, BBC Radio, Osaka Radio and other television documentary programmes. I have consulted with the European Parliament, British Members of Parliament, the NHS, the board of Opera North, at Generation Sheffield, Leeds City Council, UKTI and a plethora of others. My digital strategies have been implemented by the public, governmental, private and charity sectors. I studied in Oxford, hold a 1st Class Hons and completed my post grad in Political Philosophy. I often speak on international relations and the psychology of mass online communications. In the last twelve months, I have had the privilege of consulting with both the British and Japanese governments.


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